My name is Henri Perrin. I was born and raised in a small village in France. I have always loved art. When I was growing up, I was often reading one of those French hardcover comic books and I still enjoy them today. I am also a big fan of TV shows and I never missed a Star Wars movie. I also love music a lot. The gift of a rock album from my mother when I was 10 years old turned me into a rock solid fan of rock ‘n’ roll. I attended lots of concerts and every time, I bought concert t-shirts to remember them by. Over the years, I have built a collection of over 230 concert t-shirts.

My interest in different types of art is the creativity that goes into it; creating characters, plots and costumes for a TV show, movie or a comic book is really interesting to me. I am particularly interested in design such as the faces of musicians on my concert t-shirts. When I understood that this is where my heart was, I got into it and I still do it today.

I am a self-learned graphic artist. I learned how to work with design applications like Photoshop and Illustrator and I started to design. In 2012, I got into the business of designing and printing t-shirts. I opened a shop in Cambodia working alongside a Vietnamese t-shirt printing company called Papaya. I designed t-shirts for them and I learned about the process of printing t-shirts from start to finish.

I worked with Papaya for three years before I decided to step out on my own. I design all types of t-shirts including for music bands, political campaigns and for movies and TV shows as my free mind inspires me. I also design artwork for mugs, mouse pads and other items. I do vintage or olschool designs as well as contemporary ones depending on what a client wants.

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